Welcome to the British Powerlifting Federation - PRESIDENTS CORNER
Welcome to the British Powerlifting Federation  - Company Message

Your performance is important to us - we have more than 30 years of experience in the weight training. The majority of our members are active competitors; we also have national and international judges in our ranks. We can motivate you to reach your peak performance level. We support each other and treat each other in a fair and sportsmanlike manner. We perform as a team for Great Britain  and want to have a good time together.

The fight takes place on the platform - and we support you. Also join us on Facebook and always stay up to date.

With best regards

WPU & BPF  President 

4 X Mr Olympia Pro Powerlifter

Marc  Griffiths 

    Viking Warrior        Sponsors  of the       WRPF-WPU British -      European 2020        Championships      

In attendance at the    WRPF-WPU British-      European  2020 

Wales Powerlifting Championships
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